Quarterly Review—Spring

A look back at some of our favourite moments from this Spring.


Léa Morlino shot our #026 skirt on the streets of Paris & told us what she loves about Asian and minimalist fashion.

Minimalism has always been an inspiration for me. Whether it is in art, music, design or fashion. Thinking about minimalism is taking an interest in abstraction: Remove the superfluous in order to bring the details out. Beauty is in simplicity and subtlety: less is more. Minimalism embodies the future and modernity in my opinion.

In fashion, minimalism focuses on the precision of the cut and materials, on the dress in the most natural way, without paying a particular attention to gender.

The Asian influence, especially the Japanese one, is a major ingredient of minimalism! I really love Asian designs for their simple structures, their raw materials and clean shapes. I am especially thinking about the kimono, the pleated skirt, culottes or long oversized shirts that fuel the Asian trend. All these facts give the clothes a unisex appearance that I really love!
— Léa Morlino
Explore Léa's  instagram  for minimal & Asian inspired  style .

Explore Léa's instagram for minimal & Asian inspired style.


Eleanor O'Neill, the founder of STUDY34 and journalist at Huffington Post talked to us about the challenges of running a sustainable business and shared her thoughts on the future of the fashion industry in our two part interview.

Eleanor's first knitwear collection for  STUDY34 .

Eleanor's first knitwear collection for STUDY34.

I would love to see a change in the stigma attached to working in a factory. I’d love to see people who design clothing also knowing how to make clothing, so they can make more informed choices to make it more sustainable.
— Eleanor O'Neill, founder of STUDY34


Our local Peckham Rye, explore the  photoshoot .

Our local Peckham Rye, explore the photoshoot.

Linen was definitely on our minds this spring as we launched the SS17 collection. Made from flax—which grows abundantly without harsh chemicals, linen ages beautifully, getting softer over time and made a wonderful material for the new season designs. The crisp navy and white palette of the collection perfectly compliments the signature, easy tailoring of the pieces.


We've drawn inspiration from our local Peckham Rye for our new Core collection. The vibrant street style and culture of working creatives permeates the new designs. These will be available exclusively online at www.byveryan.co.uk. (Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.) Expect soft jersey t-shirts and utilitarian workwear pieces.


Look out for further instalments to our Core collection over the next 6 months, we're busy working on extending our range of modular styles. These pieces will be permanent (as long as fabric stocks' last) and will never be on sale, so you can get your favourite t-shirt time and again.

A snapshot from the Veryan Studio  instagram .

A snapshot from the Veryan Studio instagram.


We talked to the founder of Veryan, Veryan Raiker, to find out her thoughts on how SS17 represents our modern style philosophy.

The Veryan woman was the sole inspiration for SS17. Busy, creative—the designs allow her to express her style and individuality freely. Movement, comfort, a sense of being effortless all come together for the Spring / Summer season.

We carried this ethos through to our accessories—all of which meld style and functionality—and naturally compliment both the SS17 and Core range of designs.
— Veryan Raiker, founder of Veryan
The  #026 skirt , styled with the  #023 t-shirt .

The #026 skirt, styled with the #023 t-shirt.