Quarterly Review—Summer

A look back at some of our favourite moments from this Summer.


Ashley Perkins, the creative behind Motified, explored the importance of moving away from disposable toiletries in her post What's in my Bag, which featured the #033 make-up bag. She tells us why sustainable fashion is important to her below:

I believe that we can use the clothing we wear everyday to let our voices be heard and encourage positive change, whether it be to improve the lives of other human beings or the life of the planet we inhabit. Sustainable fashion is important to me because it has opened my eyes to the possibility of a world in which we don’t have to sacrifice our future—or that of future generations—just to be “fashionable.”
— Ashley Perkins, founder of Motified
A snapshot from Ashley's recent   What's in my Bag   post for  Motified  featuring the  #033 make-up bag in linen .

A snapshot from Ashley's recent What's in my Bag post for Motified featuring the #033 make-up bag in linen.


Over the Summer we interviewed two women who embody a mindful and conscious approach to living—Besma Whayeb, who documents her sustainable lifestyle on her blog, Curiously Conscious, and Lena Aisha, a poet and the founder of NEO by Lena who built her company on the principle of minimalism.


We asked Besma to share her advice for those who want to live more sustainably in our August Interview:

I would say look at your own life first, and see what little changes you can make. Not all changes suit everyone—I still buy more plastic than I care to admit—but the little things will keep you feeling inspired. The eco-friendly toothbrush you clean your teeth with, or the ethically-made handbag that you wear—they become reminders of living sustainably and can lead to even bigger, better things.
— The August Interview with Besma Whayeb

Lena shared with us how her approach to consumerism developed through reading Dominique Loreau's L'Art de la Simplicité in the September Interview:

It was the idea of “decluttering” that really struck me, and how, without even noticing it, most of us are “burdened by our possessions”. We all (hopefully) go through a spring clean every year where we chuck away things we haven’t used in eons. But we still hold on to a plethora of pieces we do not need, be it for sentimental reasons or purely because we’re hoarders. 

Loreau’s book helped me realise that the clutter we accumulate can have an enormous impact on our life—one that is almost imperceptible because it is so gradual. The book details the importance of living a minimalist lifestyle and how the order it brings can counteract everyday feelings of stress and anxiety and improve our self-image and overall quality of life.
— The September Interview with Lena Aisha


A snapshot from the Veryan Studio  instagram .

A snapshot from the Veryan Studio instagram.

It's been a busy summer in the Veryan studio, making up orders and working on next season's collections. We've been hunting for new suppliers as well as working with our old favourites, and have some wonderful new fabrics to work with for the next couple of seasons.

As London has well & truly embraced Autumn, it's hard to remember the heatwaves of early Summer. Long days in the studio were filled with sunshine and we've never been so thankful for easy white linen dresses. After the long summer we're enjoying working with heavier weight fabrics and developing pieces that are in the works for late next year. These pieces have a loose tailored fit, perfect for layering over knitwear on cool autumnal days.

Just a note—the 2017 Summer Collection will be available in the full size range until Sunday 25th October at midnight BST. After that, a few sizes may be left in our Archive but these will be very limited.

Sharing a peek behind-the-scenes in our  June photoshoot .

Sharing a peek behind-the-scenes in our June photoshoot.


Autumn is in full swing in London, so we caught up with the founder of Veryan to find out what's next for the label in the coming season.

Our next instalment on byveryan.co.uk will be a series of new designs for the Core Collection—stripes and super soft jerseys in easy shapes. Perfect for layering and seeing us through this transitional season.
— Veryan Raiker, founder of Veryan
The  #033 make-up bag  from this Summer's collection.

The #033 make-up bag from this Summer's collection.