Inspiration—Beautiful Tumblrs

I'm really coming to love browsing my tumblr feed—it's full of wonderful architecture, minimal tailoring & art that I would never have been introduced to without it. The best spaces I've found marry a beautiful aesthetic with a strong mood, whether it be a hazy dreaminess, bold simplicity or promoting a more holisitic lifestyle.


I thought I'd share my favourites with you below—

Mylo is a delightful hub of bold, simple imagery & pastel colours. I haven't included any close-up fashion images here—but they also post slick tailoring for men & women—all clean androgynous styles—regularly. Definitely worth a follow for daily minimal delights.

Modern Blog is a beautiful collection of unstyled artisanal imagery. Focussing on homestyle & studio life, with a smattering of easy womenswear & delectable food photography—it's wonderful collection of photographs.

For nostalgic, dreamy photography Bird Over Waves has got to be one of the most beautiful tumblrs. The often film photographs build a wonderfully hazy feeling of escapism. 

Hope you enjoy perusing these beautiful spaces! The studio's tumblr collection is a scrapbook of all the above—I'd love you to take a look.