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Veryan presents seasonal & core pared-back collections of clothing. We craft each garment at our studio—reinforcing, choosing stitching appropriate to wear, carefully picking enduring, beautiful-quality fabric, all to ensure our clothing lasts. We work with astute suppliers of fabric who search for durably-woven and ethically-sourced fabrics. Our studio has an empirical approach to design, we wear & test pieces before manufacturing, and develop construction techniques to ensure longevity. The focus is always on the detail—whether that be cutting a top on the bias, so tightly-woven cotton can drape, or finishing a garment with bound seams.

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We work with selected trusted suppliers to source ethical & sustainable fabrics. Mostly working with varieties of high-quality cottons—whether that be sturdy twill-weave denim, tightly wound, high thread count plain weaves or lightweight voiles. Our key supplier, Organic Textile Company work directly with their partner Ganesh in Kerala to produce small runs of 100–300m of fabric. Often these are woven on powerlooms and dyed with non-toxic dyes. We use only cotton thread that’s GOTS certified & sourced from the EU. Components are sourced largely from the UK and—as much as possible—from local shops & businesses. Some fabrics are dyed in-house, using non-toxic reactive dyes.


We’re telling the stories of how others are making a positive difference through their work. Our Studio Notes documents a selection of interviews with intriguing and inspiring people—characters who promote sustainability or a thoughtful lifestyle.

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